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The Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists

The C.G. Jung Institute Zürich, Küsnacht

The International Association for Analytical Psychology

The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

The International Therapist Directory

C.G. Jung Club London



A short selection of books…


Jungian psychology and inner work

Memories, Dreams, Reflections, by C.G. Jung

Man and his Symbols, by C.G. Jung

The Undiscovered Self, by C.G. Jung

Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth, by Robert Johnson

Creating a Life: Finding Your Individual Path, by James Hollis

The Myth of Meaning in the Work of C.G. Jung, by Aniela Jaffé


Feminine psychology

Knowing Woman, a Feminine Psychology, by Irene Claremont de Castillejo

Descent to the Goddess, A Way of Initiation for Women, by Sylvia Brinton Perera

Dionysus in Exile, On the Repression of the Body and Emotion, by Rafael Lopez-Pedraza

Leaving My Father's House: A Journey to Conscious Femininity, by Marion Woodman


Masculine psychology

Under Saturn’s Shadow, the Wounding and Healing of Men, by James Hollis

He, Understanding Masculine Psychology, by Robert Johnson

Iron John: A Book About Men, by Robert Bly



The Eden Project: In Search of the Magical Other - Jungian Perspective on Relationship, by James Hollis

We, Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love, by Robert Johnson


Relationship with nature

Edge of the Sacred - Jung, Psyche, Earth, by David Tacey

The Enchantment of Gardens - A Psychological Approach, by Ruth Ammann


Second half of life and old age

Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life, by James Hollis

The Middle Passage: From Misery to Meaning in Mid-Life, by James Hollis

The Force of Character and the Lasting Life, by James Hillman